I’m sad to have to return to work tomorrow, but really glad the holidays are over with. Hubby quit his job and went back to school full-time 4 years ago. I’m super proud of him and we can see the finish line, but boy has this been a rough few years. I know there are people out there in much worse situations than we are, but it’s hard living on one income (and that’s without having kids yet). Financially this year was the worst. I tend to get a little crazy when we’re low on funds. I think it’s caused by worry (thanks for that charming trait, mom!). 2009 just seemed to be the year that we were constantly just making it (and eating a lot of peanut butter). It doesn’t help that everything got more expensive, but my salary didn’t change.

So I made a decision in October to collect as much SWAG as I could gather at work and make a $20 donation to a fitting charity for each of my immediate family and friends. This would allow everyone to have something to open and make me feel less shitty about spending money we don’t have. I didn’t make some big pronouncement, but I thought I’d at least have the nerve to follow through on my good intentions. Around Thanksgiving one family member emailed me a few items they wanted. That simple email triggered an immediate shopaholic reaction in me and I just gave in. I managed to not go overboard, but everyone got a small gift along with their SWAG and hubby and I went nuts with dinner deliveries and taxis.

So maybe I’m actually glad to return to work tomorrow. I seem to do better at sticking to my commitments (to myself and others) when I’m on my regular schedule. I don’t lie around watching TV all day when I’m at work. I don’t snack all day when I’m at work (for the most part, but there are days…). I miss my kitties when I’m not home, but I know they’ll be waiting for me and keeping my spot warm when I get home.

Happy Sunday, Internets.



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