We’re trying to have a baby. Because I’m the type of person who likes to be well informed, I’ve probably read way too much on the subject and I’ve become a wee bit obsessed. Of course, this is pretty much the biggest thing Hubby and I will ever do, but I still feel like i’m obsessing.  He’s 44 and I’m 38 so we’ve got instant obstacles right there. Seriously, last week alone on three different TV shows I heard the phrase “90% of a woman’s eggs are gone by the time she hits 30!” Come on Universe, make my obsessing worse!

One of my biggest problems is that the symptoms of really early pregnancy (before missed period early) are almost identical to PMS. I’ve always had pretty severe PMS so the symptoms really are similar. It’s gotten to the point where every little boob twinge or gaseous flutter means something in my crazy crazy mind! So the week between TTC and my expected period is TORTURE. I’d like to stop here and apologize to anyone reading this (especially any men) for all the “lady stuff” references. I’ve warned you; I’m obsessed. When you’re my age and TTC for the first time it really becomes the ONLY thing you can think about.

How awesome would it be to find out I’m pregnant on Valentine’s Day?? It’s always been a nothing, “Hallmark holiday” to me and having a special memory of the day might actually make it meaningful for me/us. I’m not going to tell the world (all of my zero readers) before I tell my mom, but I will keep you posted.

That’s my overshare for ya. I can’t believe I’ve neglected this space for over a month, still haven’t had the nerve to post the URL anywhere and THIS is what I come back with. I told ya I was crazy.

Happy Valentine’s Day Interwebs.

Peace out,


PS: not pregnant. surely would have made MUCH more noise if I were.


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  1. Kate
    Apr 02, 2010 @ 16:47:44

    I SERIOUSLY sympathize. I’m pushing 30 and having all kinds of worries about waiting longer than I “should have” (I’d like a big family), and then I turn on the TV and all I hear is “90% of your eggs are gone!” and “35 is considered advanced maternal age”. I just want to scream!

    And all of the “imaginary pregnancy symptoms” are making me one nut short of a fruitcake, myself. I’m just really pleased that this time it’s narrowed down to pregnant vs. PMS, rather than pregnant vs. PMS vs. UTI. Managed to escape that one this time!

    Good luck to you…


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