Freaky Dreams

Hubby snores. Not normal rhythmic occasional snoring, but wall shaking wake the dead snoring. For the past few years I’ve slept with one ear plug and the other ear tightly against my pillow. Annoying, but used to do the trick. Lately it’s been SO much worse that I’ve had to sleep with two earplugs in. I don’t like it. I can’t hear my alarm clock and the extreme quiet makes my Tinnitus act up.

We’ve made some recent lifestyle changes mostly to be healthier, but also to help our chances with the whole starting a family thing. One of the outcomes of these changes has been super vivid dreams. Like crazy vivid dreams that I can remember for days. I don’t remember this ever happening to me before so I can only attribute it to the recent, um, habits we’ve given up.

Combine the new vivid dreams with the sensory deprivation of wearing two earplugs and it gets really intense! In recent weeks I had a zombie nightmare that shook me so bad I actually had to wake up and watch TV for an hour so I didn’t go back into the same dream. Before that I had this odd dream that took place at my BFF”s Catholic church where they were doing a Passover celebration and my mom was the “token Jew” who told the story of Passover to the congregation then ran around handing out matzo chips with Charoset and horseradish. Then the other night I had a vampire dream that was such an epic visual saga that I swear the thing had end credits just before I woke up!

The vampire dream was actually pretty cool. I don’t remember so much of it now, a few days later, but I remember most of my friends were there helping to battle evil vampires and, like I said, it was pretty epic. I specifically remember two things: My oldest and dearest friend who I’ve recently reconnected with was there looking ethereal and beautiful and rode in to help save the day (driving a flying bus carrying other dearly missed friends…OMG! Maybe I’m just going crazy!). And a friend who has recently passed away in real life was there in a moment I can never forget. We’re climbing a hill trying to beat back the vamps (with swords, don’t ask…it was a dream!) when in the distance I hear the clanging of swords and I look over to see Paul with a little blond boy on his shoulders. The boy is weilding a huge sword and holding his own against a big vampire. And this tiny little boy beheads the vamp with a giant flourish and they come running up the hill to join the rest of us in battle.

I know it’s hard for you to visualize the insanity in my brain, but it was something and I had to share (with my zero readers).

I wish I could write a screenplay as good as that dream!



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