How Do I Write About This…

I’m not an Atheist…I’m not a theist either. I joke that I’m a Godless heathen, but that’s not really right either. I sometimes say I’m “culturally Jewish” (because if you spend more than 5 minutes talking to me, you’ll know I was raised by New York Jews), but even though both of my parents are of Jewish decent I was definitely raised without religion. All four of my grandparents were Eastern European Jews, but they all came to America long before WWII (which makes them no more or less Jewish, but I tend to see a distinction based solely on experiences). I guess I just don’t really agree with or support organized religion. Yet I would never deny anyone their own beliefs and surely believe that “faith” is important to many people for countless reasons.

Growing up we always had a Passover Seder. As I got older we stretched the traditions a bit. One year we had a musical Seder; one year my mom came across a Feminist Haggadah which was quite a bit more liberal than most (considering Judaism is a very paternalistic religion). My brother had a Bar Mitzvah, but it was really just to appease my paternal grandmother (he lived with my dad). Neither me or my sister were even asked if we wanted a Bat Miztvah let alone sent to Hebrew School (we lived with mom).

My husband believes in God; I believe there could be a “higher power” though it’s probably more like a shared energy. Does that make me an Agnostic? A realist? Hey, prove it to me and I’ll believe it! I have no intention of raising our future children in any religion, but I won’t hide it from them either. I’ve noticed recently that some Atheists have been promoting their beliefs almost to the point where it’s becoming a religion (in the ‘if you don’t agree with my beliefs there’s something wrong with you’ sense). Seems like the opposite of their beliefs, but I won’t judge…just, HUH?

Why am I writing about the ever controversial topic of religion? No idea. Maybe I’m courting attention…nah, that’s not it. It’s Passover and Good Friday and Easter weekend so I guess the topic is just on my mind today.

Happy Passover – Easter – Spring Equinox — and day before the big candy sale!



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