Breeding Ground

We live in Jersey City Heights, but I do 99% of my shopping in Hoboken; mostly because I’m used to it and the stores closer to me suck!

It’s almost that time of month again (the fun time,. not the ‘fuck you, aunt flo time”) and I only have one more ovulation test left so I stopped at the trusty CVS in Hoboken that has a small but (usually) reliable “family planning” section. There must have been some sort of springtime baby making frenzy in town this weekend because the shelves were almost completely bare! There were a handful of (mostly store brand) pregnancy tests, but not a single ovulation predictor kit in sight. Okay they had one, but it was the 21 day 40 dollar pack which was not what I was looking for and it wasn’t even my brand. I have a fairly good idea of what day I ovulate so I don’t really need to test for more than 7ish days so the 21 pack is a waste (they’re only good for 30 days once opened while the 7 day kit has individually wrapped tests that last until the expiration date). Wow, can I just mention how many plastic sticks and packaging a woman my age has to go through when trying to conceive? Talk about bad for the environment!

Seriously though, what the heck was up today? I should have taken a picture of the barren shelves; it was so sad looking. The few boxes that were there were all squished and disheveled too. I left the store in a mild huff with the hope that they’ll re-stock tonight or tomorrow before I get home. Unfortunately, I don’t have a choice – everything is overpriced by my job (more overpriced?) and there isn’t another store that’s convenient.

We lived in Hoboken for several years before we moved up to JC Heights after we got married and that’s when I developed my breeding ground theory. I never saw any big kids in Hoboken. Only babies and toddlers. I swear! There were a handful of high school age kids here and there (I now know that many of the students at Hoboken High School come down from The Heights), but really very few kids between 5 and 14 years old. It was almost freaky. That was when I theorized that young college graduates moved to town in their early-mid twenties either with their girlfriends/boyfriends or single and looking. They would marry by 30, have some babies and get the heck out of town before the kids were old enough to go to school (sorry, but the public schools in Hoboken suck so I can’t really blame them).  Take a walk through Hoboken, NJ on a sunny Saturday and you’ll see that I’m right…It’s downright freaky!

We got out of Hoboken before we had a chance to breed, but we’re still hoping to follow the habit of leaving before our kids are subject to the local public education system.



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  1. CraftLass
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 20:48:33

    I can back you up on that, as a Hoboken resident. You see more of them now than a few years ago (perhaps due to the housing bubble burst?) but still not nearly as many as one would expect in the 4th most densely populated city in the country!


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