Apparently I’m Boring!

So, my mother has taken to telling me how boring I am when we talk on the phone (we have this exact conversation at least once a week).

Mom: what’s new?

Me: Nothing

Mom: Nothing? You’re so boring!

Since I’m not pregnant and therefore still childless I really don’t have much going on (not to imply that only parents or those who wish to be parents have anything going on). I’m trying not to write about trying to get pregnant mostly because I feel like I’m telling the world that I’m having sex with my husband. And that’s just ewwww.

I work a 9-5 job. I like my job, but I’m just an Executive Assistant and not wanting to get “Dooced” I can’t really go into much detail about it.  Seriously (sadly?) the most interesting thing I have going on are these bizzare dreams I’ve been having. So I guess all I can do is subject my zero readers to as much of my crazy dreams as I can remember…but the day I started writing this post they started getting really boring and I stopped recalling as much detail! UGH!

I guess I AM boring – even my subconscious.


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