Happy Anniversary!

Today is me and Hubby’s 6th wedding anniversary. We’ve never been super romantic, so we don’t make a huge deal about it. We went out for brunch with our friends (one of whom officiated our wedding!). Continued drinking away the afternoon which was fun; then we ordered some pizza and came home for dessert. I always make a cake with blue frosting just like our wedding cake.

Yes that is Marge & Homer Simpson

I loved our wedding cake! The day after the wedding when we were about an hour away from the hotel on our way home I realized that I had left the top of the cake in the fridge in our hotel room. I called to see if maybe they found and saved it, but they had already cleaned out the room. To this day I hope that someone on the staff enjoyed the cake (and 12 pack of beer) that we left behind, but they probably just tossed it. It surely would have been awful a year later anyway so I started the tradition of making something similar for us to enjoy every year.

I suppose this is a good time to mention that I had so much fun that I really can’t provide much detail about the day. I remember it had rained cats and dogs the night before during our rehearsal dinner/pre-party, but when I walked outside to go get my hair done the sun was shining and it was a perfect spring day.

Held at a Doubletree hotel about 90 minutes from where we live we had almost 90 guests. All of Hubby’s friends came from Texas and all of our local family and friends made the trip. Even one of my best friends who had moved out west made the journey to be with us.  I know we had a really good time and many of our guests mentioned it was the most fun wedding they’d ever been to.

Best day of my life so far.

Happy Anniversary Sweets!  I love you!


ps: If this reads like a 6th grader wrote it, it’s probably because I drank almost a whole bottle of Prosecco this afternoon. I haven’t been drinking a lot lately so it really hit me!


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