Happy Mother’s Day

My siblings and I took mom out for a late brunch after a quick gift fest at her house. And it was, um, not too painful. The restaurant was nice, but the food was pretty bad (crispy bacon does not mean burnt bacon and banana pancakes should actually have bananas IN them). The siblings and I bickered as much as we usually do which is a lot, but we love each other so it’s all good – really. Still, I couldn’t help but think that if we get pregnant this month we’d have a 2-3 month old next year and a wonderful excuse to NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEIR CRAZINESS.

But seriously, here’s hoping this is the last Mother’s Day that I’m not a mom. The evil two week wait has managed to fall smack dab on top of my vacation. I really thought we would be “trying” on the road and would end up with a magical vacation baby, but I guess my count was off by a week and gah! Yippee, I guess!  Call me a bad not-yet-mother, but I’ve decided for the sake of my sanity – and the fact that it’s been over 6 years since my last vacation – that I’m not going to be quite so careful during the trip.

We’re going on a road trip.  We’re driving down to Lake Travis (yes, we’re insane and driving from New Jersey to Texas) to play with Hubby’s friends for a few days then making a few fun stops on the way home.  The last time we went to visit Hubby’s friends I drank a little bit of water and a whole lot of beer for the duration of the trip. I won’t go that insane, but I’m  not going to stop myself from enjoying a couple of cold ones by the lake or walking down Bourbon Street with a  frozen Hurricane (I’ve been told it’s a must).

I’ve also decided not to bring any pregnancy tests with me. At the end of our trip in DC I’ll be within the testing range, but I’m not going to let myself be crazy this month. This is the last try before I talk to a doctor about having a good thorough look under the hood for both of us. While I know I should continue to be as extra cautious as I have been I can’t help but wonder if maybe I haven’t been a wee bit too strict with myself. Could I have been worrying so much that I’m stressing my body out as much as my mind?  Who really knows? Besides, if you think about it, for the first 10 days or so the little bundle of joyful cells is running on its own steam and not absorbing anything from mama just yet. If this is my last hurrah for a year or two I may as well live it up, right?

Happy Mother’s Day to all and to all a good night.



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