Hubby graduated from college a couple of weeks ago. He was fortunate enough to have help with tuition and went full time while I worked to support both of us. It was an exhausting and trying few years, but we’ve made it through (now he just needs to find a job…).

To celebrate his achievement (and my saintly patience) we decided to go visit his friends in Texas. Only problem was getting there since neither of us has any desire to fly. I thought about taking Amtrak, but with sleeper cars and still having to rent a car once we got to Texas cost was an issue. I budgeted renting a car from New Jersey with gas and hotels. Adding a few fun “let’s see America” stops along the way we were just able to make it work with our income tax refund. Since we’re trying to have a kid this was likely to be the last year we’d be able to blow our money like this so why the hell not go for it?!?

The original plan was to stop in Memphis on the way down and Washington, DC on the way home. In looking at the maps, I noticed that one of the options for driving from Austin to Memphis took us right through New Orleans. I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans so we added another detour.  We also decided to hit Texas first then make all of our stops on the way home. I’ll write more about each stop later.

The guy at Enterprise hooked us up with an almost brand new Hyundai Santa Fe (only 7,000 miles on it and XM satellite radio!). We hit the road at 4:30am the day after graduation planning to stop for the night in Nashville (right off the highway – no time for sightseeing). Hubby did 90-95% of the driving (thank goodness! I’m not a bad driver, I just prefer not to) so I sat in the passenger seat with my camera.

We saw a lot of this:

lots and lots of highway

And some of this:


Your browser may not support display of this image.

But mostly this:

Crop Duster


I tried to get the welcome sign for each state we entered (there was so much construction in Texas that there was no sign, so I got the Texarkana water tower)…

More details to come; I just wanted to let my zero readers know where I’ve been for the last two weeks. Sorry for the lack of updates…hard to find a hotel that doesn’t charge eleventy-million dollars for really slow internet.

Happy to be home


ps: McDonald’s for breakfast almost 2 week straight is a very bad thing


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