I’m doing it again…

Blogging about blogging. I can’t help it; the one and only Bossy from iambossy.com left a comment on my last post (from forever ago) today and it hit me again that no one is going to read this crap if there isn’t new crap to read!

Many many moons ago the very first blog I ever read was iambossy. My friend (who is now a blogger herself) had been poking around the blogosphere and found a bunch of smart, funny (mostly women) bloggers and clued me in. And that was the beginning of the end for me. I was bored and a little bit miserable at my current job so I started reading Bossy’s blog. She had a blogroll and I got all click-happy. I found dadgonemad, Dooce and so many others since then. Let’s just say I found plenty of reading material to occupy my time at that boring-ass job (I’m no longer there and in a much happier place now albeit with much less free time for reading).

To say these writers have been an inspiration is an understatement. Reading about their lives I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and I really felt like I’ve gotten to know them. For all these years I’ve wanted to start a blog. Not for anyone in particular – my family doesn’t even have my URL – just for me and for any strangers and potential future web friends out there that feel like reading my ramblings.

I’m not in this to be the next Dooce or Pioneer Woman. Really, who could ever dream of such success on these here interwebs? I just want to share and to feel like I’ve connected to people like A Little Pregnant who keeps my mind from spinning too fast while Hubby and I try to start a family. Or Linda at All & Sundry who tells about her life with two wild boys with such honesty and humor that she makes the scary a little less scary.

I’ve never put up a blogroll because I always feel like I’m leaving someone out. Someone whose writing I love. And there are so many blogs in my bookmarks that I could never ever list all of them. Those linked here are just the very tip of the awesome iceberg. So check ’em out and if any of them have blogrolls on their sites click away. You won’t be sorry. I haven’t been.

Happy Monday Interwebs. I’ll try to post more about everything and less about blogging.



Update: I felt so bad when I looked at my bookmarks after writing this post that I went ahead and started a dang blogroll. It is by no means complete, but it’s a start. If you’d like to be added to my blogroll, just leave a comment with a link to your blog.


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