Is it Really Asking So Much?

Baby A stays home with her daddy while I go to work every day. The arrangement is not ideal and we’d rather the situation were reversed. But as my dad says, it is what it is.

He does a great job taking care of her and I am so happy that she gets to be home with one of us rather than in daycare (not that there’s anything wrong with daycare!). My only complaint is that he doesn’t take enough pictures to send me during the day. I said something the other day and he said “it’s always the same picture though.” No, dude, it’s not. 100 pictures of my baby in the exact same position are 100 DIFFERENT pictures. I miss her every second and she’s changing all the time.

I think he’s getting the message. I got this while I was still on the bus this morning:


I miss her face!




UPDATE: I guess he heard me. Since posting this I’ve gotten 2 adorable baby faces and one sweet foot! I still miss her every second, but this really really helps. I love them 🙂

Baby Foot


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