i want to write down all of the words that Avery is saying these days. i guess they’re half-words. most are not so clear that anyone would understand them, but these are the words that we can clearly decipher:

“mo” – more (usually with sign)

“ma” & “da” – sometimes we’ll get mama or dada or even something that sounds like daddy.

“hi” & “bye”  – frequently used correctly though i can’t tell you how many times she’s walked over to the front door waving and saying “bye” because she’s going to the park all by her self!

“yah” or “yeah” – yes

“caaaaah” – in a happy squeal of excitement because there goes kitty! she also tries to say “kitty,” but it comes out too garbled to spell.

“daaah” – same happy squeal sometimes along with the sign for dog (leg pat)

“ba” – usually bottle, sometimes binky (she usually signs “milk” when she means bottle)

“dis” – this (will point to what she wants)

“up” – up (occasionally she means put me down, but we’re learning)

“peese?” – i don’t think she knows what please means yet, but we try to encourage her to at least sign “please” and “thank you” and sometimes she’ll say “peese”

Up peese?

Up peese?

“bas” – bath (usually with the sign)

“bos” – box (yes, there is a clear distinction from bath)

“wa” – almost always means water, but sometimes milk

“bise” – bite because she always wants what mommy is eating

“uh-oh” – sometimes totally random, but usually after dropping something (intentionally). the other day she popped up during her nap and said “uh-oh!”

and of course, while i was letting this post sit over the weekend, she started with the crown jewel of all toddler words “no.” seems to have a bit of an accent to it. frequently accompanied with a powerful head shake and often tripled “no no no.”

No no no

“do you wanna get up and get dressed?”
“No no no”

i guess we’ve got  a language explosion on our hands. we’ve been so anxious for her to be better able to communicate with us and we’re really getting somewhere now. i know once she starts talking it will be nonstop. i just love her so much and i can’t wait for more more “mo.”




update February 2013 (for me):
NULK – milk
MAHNEE – mommy
WAH-YEE – water
and she’ll repeat most words fairly clearly

And she’s corrected some pronunciation:
Mo is now MOWA (sort of More with a Jersey accent)


Is it Really Asking So Much?

Baby A stays home with her daddy while I go to work every day. The arrangement is not ideal and we’d rather the situation were reversed. But as my dad says, it is what it is.

He does a great job taking care of her and I am so happy that she gets to be home with one of us rather than in daycare (not that there’s anything wrong with daycare!). My only complaint is that he doesn’t take enough pictures to send me during the day. I said something the other day and he said “it’s always the same picture though.” No, dude, it’s not. 100 pictures of my baby in the exact same position are 100 DIFFERENT pictures. I miss her every second and she’s changing all the time.

I think he’s getting the message. I got this while I was still on the bus this morning:


I miss her face!




UPDATE: I guess he heard me. Since posting this I’ve gotten 2 adorable baby faces and one sweet foot! I still miss her every second, but this really really helps. I love them 🙂

Baby Foot

Working Mom

Two weeks ago yesterday I returned to work. My company gives 10 weeks paid maternity leave and I tacked on 3 weeks of vacation (one before she was born and two after) giving me three full months at home. 12 weeks of full time mommyhood is just not enough.

I got to watch her find her hands and learn how to get them into her mouth. I got to see her first smile and the hundreds she’s given out since. But will I be there the first time she sits up on her own? The first time she crawls? Will I be around for her first steps? If I’m lucky, I’ll get to catch these things. But, you know what?  I’m lucky to have her! So if I get to see her walk a few hours after those first steps I have to believe that that’s ok too.

It’s been so hard to come back to work. Every morning I watch her wake up with a huge smile on her face. I get to change her and get her dressed for the day. Then I hand her off to her daddy for her first bottle while I finish getting ready to catch my bus to the office. As much as we wish it were different, she’s lucky to have her daddy home to take care of her. I’m lucky to have him home with her. I think this would be even harder if she were in daycare.

I wish we could trade places. He does too. I get 10 minutes in the morning and three hours in the evening. It’s not enough.  But, damn, those are the best three hours of the day (even when she’s being a little fussbudget)!

Mommy loves you, A! Every second of every day.