i want to write down all of the words that Avery is saying these days. i guess they’re half-words. most are not so clear that anyone would understand them, but these are the words that we can clearly decipher:

“mo” – more (usually with sign)

“ma” & “da” – sometimes we’ll get mama or dada or even something that sounds like daddy.

“hi” & “bye”  – frequently used correctly though i can’t tell you how many times she’s walked over to the front door waving and saying “bye” because she’s going to the park all by her self!

“yah” or “yeah” – yes

“caaaaah” – in a happy squeal of excitement because there goes kitty! she also tries to say “kitty,” but it comes out too garbled to spell.

“daaah” – same happy squeal sometimes along with the sign for dog (leg pat)

“ba” – usually bottle, sometimes binky (she usually signs “milk” when she means bottle)

“dis” – this (will point to what she wants)

“up” – up (occasionally she means put me down, but we’re learning)

“peese?” – i don’t think she knows what please means yet, but we try to encourage her to at least sign “please” and “thank you” and sometimes she’ll say “peese”

Up peese?

Up peese?

“bas” – bath (usually with the sign)

“bos” – box (yes, there is a clear distinction from bath)

“wa” – almost always means water, but sometimes milk

“bise” – bite because she always wants what mommy is eating

“uh-oh” – sometimes totally random, but usually after dropping something (intentionally). the other day she popped up during her nap and said “uh-oh!”

and of course, while i was letting this post sit over the weekend, she started with the crown jewel of all toddler words “no.” seems to have a bit of an accent to it. frequently accompanied with a powerful head shake and often tripled “no no no.”

No no no

“do you wanna get up and get dressed?”
“No no no”

i guess we’ve got  a language explosion on our hands. we’ve been so anxious for her to be better able to communicate with us and we’re really getting somewhere now. i know once she starts talking it will be nonstop. i just love her so much and i can’t wait for more more “mo.”




update February 2013 (for me):
NULK – milk
MAHNEE – mommy
WAH-YEE – water
and she’ll repeat most words fairly clearly

And she’s corrected some pronunciation:
Mo is now MOWA (sort of More with a Jersey accent)


Why Not Start With a Wordless Wednesday Post?

even though I feel like these pics might require some words. but i’ll let her cuteness speak for itself.

Happy Anniversary!

Today is me and Hubby’s 6th wedding anniversary. We’ve never been super romantic, so we don’t make a huge deal about it. We went out for brunch with our friends (one of whom officiated our wedding!). Continued drinking away the afternoon which was fun; then we ordered some pizza and came home for dessert. I always make a cake with blue frosting just like our wedding cake.

Yes that is Marge & Homer Simpson

I loved our wedding cake! The day after the wedding when we were about an hour away from the hotel on our way home I realized that I had left the top of the cake in the fridge in our hotel room. I called to see if maybe they found and saved it, but they had already cleaned out the room. To this day I hope that someone on the staff enjoyed the cake (and 12 pack of beer) that we left behind, but they probably just tossed it. It surely would have been awful a year later anyway so I started the tradition of making something similar for us to enjoy every year.

I suppose this is a good time to mention that I had so much fun that I really can’t provide much detail about the day. I remember it had rained cats and dogs the night before during our rehearsal dinner/pre-party, but when I walked outside to go get my hair done the sun was shining and it was a perfect spring day.

Held at a Doubletree hotel about 90 minutes from where we live we had almost 90 guests. All of Hubby’s friends came from Texas and all of our local family and friends made the trip. Even one of my best friends who had moved out west made the journey to be with us.  I know we had a really good time and many of our guests mentioned it was the most fun wedding they’d ever been to.

Best day of my life so far.

Happy Anniversary Sweets!  I love you!


ps: If this reads like a 6th grader wrote it, it’s probably because I drank almost a whole bottle of Prosecco this afternoon. I haven’t been drinking a lot lately so it really hit me!

Two Week Wait

OMG…the two week wait is so painful! I’ve been intentionally staying off of TTC message boards because, well, I’m crazy enough on my own thanks! But I was talking to my friend the other day and she happened to ask how the baby making was coming along. When I told her I’d know more next week she said “oh, the dreaded TWW?” I was all “wha???” and she explained it was the TTC community’s abbreviation for the most torturous two weeks of a woman’s life – that between ovulation time and being able to take a pregnancy test. Yes, I know – that was a total “duh!” moment, but I’m a little distracted these days. Thank goodness for those early pregnancy tests because waiting a third week for my period to either come or (fingers crossed) not come would drive me straight up BATTY!

Have you seen that episode of Friends when Phoebe has her brother’s embryos implanted? She comes in directly from the fertility clinic and takes a pregnancy test. And it’s positive! I know – the two week wait doesn’t make good TV, but this happens all the time in TV and movies. A woman will get out of bed the morning after trying, take a pregnancy test and be happily on her way to motherhood! I just wish the wait wasn’t quite so long and stressful. The stress makes me want a drink too, but I’m extra extra cautious these days (I really only allow myself to drink when I’m 100% positive that I’m not pregnant).

So, here I sit towards the end of the TWW trying to decide if I should test tomorrow or Monday. Heck, I’ll probably do both…I may not be made of $, but they are covered by FSA and I happen to have 2 tests in the house, heh.  I’m pretty confident this month. In the TMI department: there was some spotting and mild cramping around the right time for implantation and that’s never happened before. I can’t say my inability to stop eating has anything to do with my gestational status, but I still can’t stop eating. I went to BJ’s Wholesale Club this morning and tried to buy some healthy-ish snacks (nuts and granola) and the biggest bag of frozen strawberries I’ve ever seen (for smoothies!). Now if I could just stop having dinner on top of the smoothie, I’d probably be in better shape.

That’s all I have for now. Will update with results. I’m sure I won’t be able to wait the extra day. I know the answer, but GAH, why did I wait so long to start a family!?!?!?



Update: That’s a negative…maybe next month. Silver lining: now I can drink on my vacation!

Apparently I’m Boring!

So, my mother has taken to telling me how boring I am when we talk on the phone (we have this exact conversation at least once a week).

Mom: what’s new?

Me: Nothing

Mom: Nothing? You’re so boring!

Since I’m not pregnant and therefore still childless I really don’t have much going on (not to imply that only parents or those who wish to be parents have anything going on). I’m trying not to write about trying to get pregnant mostly because I feel like I’m telling the world that I’m having sex with my husband. And that’s just ewwww.

I work a 9-5 job. I like my job, but I’m just an Executive Assistant and not wanting to get “Dooced” I can’t really go into much detail about it.  Seriously (sadly?) the most interesting thing I have going on are these bizzare dreams I’ve been having. So I guess all I can do is subject my zero readers to as much of my crazy dreams as I can remember…but the day I started writing this post they started getting really boring and I stopped recalling as much detail! UGH!

I guess I AM boring – even my subconscious.

Breeding Ground

We live in Jersey City Heights, but I do 99% of my shopping in Hoboken; mostly because I’m used to it and the stores closer to me suck!

It’s almost that time of month again (the fun time,. not the ‘fuck you, aunt flo time”) and I only have one more ovulation test left so I stopped at the trusty CVS in Hoboken that has a small but (usually) reliable “family planning” section. There must have been some sort of springtime baby making frenzy in town this weekend because the shelves were almost completely bare! There were a handful of (mostly store brand) pregnancy tests, but not a single ovulation predictor kit in sight. Okay they had one, but it was the 21 day 40 dollar pack which was not what I was looking for and it wasn’t even my brand. I have a fairly good idea of what day I ovulate so I don’t really need to test for more than 7ish days so the 21 pack is a waste (they’re only good for 30 days once opened while the 7 day kit has individually wrapped tests that last until the expiration date). Wow, can I just mention how many plastic sticks and packaging a woman my age has to go through when trying to conceive? Talk about bad for the environment!

Seriously though, what the heck was up today? I should have taken a picture of the barren shelves; it was so sad looking. The few boxes that were there were all squished and disheveled too. I left the store in a mild huff with the hope that they’ll re-stock tonight or tomorrow before I get home. Unfortunately, I don’t have a choice – everything is overpriced by my job (more overpriced?) and there isn’t another store that’s convenient.

We lived in Hoboken for several years before we moved up to JC Heights after we got married and that’s when I developed my breeding ground theory. I never saw any big kids in Hoboken. Only babies and toddlers. I swear! There were a handful of high school age kids here and there (I now know that many of the students at Hoboken High School come down from The Heights), but really very few kids between 5 and 14 years old. It was almost freaky. That was when I theorized that young college graduates moved to town in their early-mid twenties either with their girlfriends/boyfriends or single and looking. They would marry by 30, have some babies and get the heck out of town before the kids were old enough to go to school (sorry, but the public schools in Hoboken suck so I can’t really blame them).  Take a walk through Hoboken, NJ on a sunny Saturday and you’ll see that I’m right…It’s downright freaky!

We got out of Hoboken before we had a chance to breed, but we’re still hoping to follow the habit of leaving before our kids are subject to the local public education system.


How Do I Write About This…

I’m not an Atheist…I’m not a theist either. I joke that I’m a Godless heathen, but that’s not really right either. I sometimes say I’m “culturally Jewish” (because if you spend more than 5 minutes talking to me, you’ll know I was raised by New York Jews), but even though both of my parents are of Jewish decent I was definitely raised without religion. All four of my grandparents were Eastern European Jews, but they all came to America long before WWII (which makes them no more or less Jewish, but I tend to see a distinction based solely on experiences). I guess I just don’t really agree with or support organized religion. Yet I would never deny anyone their own beliefs and surely believe that “faith” is important to many people for countless reasons.

Growing up we always had a Passover Seder. As I got older we stretched the traditions a bit. One year we had a musical Seder; one year my mom came across a Feminist Haggadah which was quite a bit more liberal than most (considering Judaism is a very paternalistic religion). My brother had a Bar Mitzvah, but it was really just to appease my paternal grandmother (he lived with my dad). Neither me or my sister were even asked if we wanted a Bat Miztvah let alone sent to Hebrew School (we lived with mom).

My husband believes in God; I believe there could be a “higher power” though it’s probably more like a shared energy. Does that make me an Agnostic? A realist? Hey, prove it to me and I’ll believe it! I have no intention of raising our future children in any religion, but I won’t hide it from them either. I’ve noticed recently that some Atheists have been promoting their beliefs almost to the point where it’s becoming a religion (in the ‘if you don’t agree with my beliefs there’s something wrong with you’ sense). Seems like the opposite of their beliefs, but I won’t judge…just, HUH?

Why am I writing about the ever controversial topic of religion? No idea. Maybe I’m courting attention…nah, that’s not it. It’s Passover and Good Friday and Easter weekend so I guess the topic is just on my mind today.

Happy Passover – Easter – Spring Equinox — and day before the big candy sale!


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